The Warning Signs of Suicide

- Abrupt changes in personality.
- Giving away possessions.
- Previous suicide attempt.
- Ending of a romance.
- Inability to tolerate frustration.
- Use of drugs and/or alcohol.
- Eating disturbances, significant weight changes.
- Sleeping disturbances.
- Withdrawal.
- Unwillingness or inability to communicate.
- Sexual promiscuity.
- Depression.
- Extreme or extended boredom.
- Inability to concentrate.
- Accident prone (carelessness).
- Unusually long grief reaction
- Unusual sadness, discouragement and loneliness.
- Hostile behavior.
- Neglect of academic work.
- Neglect of personal appearance.
- Family disruptions - divorce, trauma, losing loved one.
- Running away from home or truancy from school.
- Rebelliousness - reckless behavior.
- Withdrawal from activities that they love.

Remember Suicide IS NOT an option

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